What is Novialia?

Novialia is a publishing site for material that Novia produces. Most of the articles on this site is in Swedish. Novialia also houses podcasts and blogs, produced by staff or students, these can be written/produced in English, Finish or Swedish.


Do you want to tell your co-workers, study pals or collaborators about your research and job? Do you want to share your knowledge and experiences from your time at Novia? Then you are very welcome to write at Novialia.

Novialia is where we gather everything that we publish and produce at Novia, for example “Novias egna serie” (Novias own publishing series) or other articles or essays that staff have produced for other media or blogs. Our blogs are also a platform for students writings. 

With the material collected at Novialia we aim to:

  • inform about our business and our results
  • strengthen our positions as experts
  • influence our community
  •  stimulate discussion


Novialia is a community for all types of material that Novias staff and students produce.

Do you want to produce a blog, pod, vlog or something else for entrainment purposes? Please contact communicator Caroline Lång (caroline.lang@novia.fi) and we will discuss it more.

If you want to produce material for Novias egna serie – Novias own series, please read more on this link on Novias website and on Novias LibGuide. 

Blog or Vlog at Novialia?

Students and staff can blog or vlog at Novialia. The criteria for publishing is that the material relates to Novia. We gladly publish a series of blogs on different subjects. If you already have a blog, it is also possible to link it to Novialia.

Please contact Caroline Lång, communicator at Novia, and we will be in touch. The communicator also approves the first post of each series before the writer publishes his/her post.