21.03.2021 | Kommentarer

Is Fish Farming a Fishy Business?

Do you care where the fish you buy comes from? If you are like me, a person concerned with the environment, then you should care. Fish farming was created to raise fish in a more sustainable way than wild caught fish. At least, that was the idea behind it. How can we trust the business? The main reason fish farms were created, was to keep up with the growing demand for seafood around the globe. But, with the rapid increase in demand, and consequently an increase in fish production, how can we be certain fish farming is keeping its words when comes to sustainabil

When fish are being overbreed, can they still be classified as sustainable? Some fish farms also fed with feed pellets containing GMO soybeans, in addition to antibiotics and hormones, which consequently, end up in our stomachs.

Check for labels! Just like other sustainable products, sustainable farm raised fish comes with labels on them. The more consumers demand for sustainability, the more they will be available. When we buy fish from fish farms, we are helping wild fish species, by protecting them from overfishing. Real sustainable fish farming do not use additives, chemicals, antibiotics, or hormones. Additionally, their fish is fed with vegetables. Sustainability comes with responsibilities. To be classified as sustainable, goes beyond just how you raise the fish, but also how you maintain an overall sustainable business operation. It involves monitoring, to make sure no wastes are produced, and to keep the water quality. They can also maintain their sustainability by using wind energy, producing drinking water from seawater, cleaning their own waste water, and making sure every part of the fish is used for a purpose. The goal is to not produce any waste.