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05.11.2020 | Kommentarer

Working as a nurse during COVID-19 pandamic

Author: Blessing Chima Okafor, BSc Nursing student, Novia UAS.
Supervisor: Anita Wikberg, RN,RM,PhD, Senior lecturer Novia UAS.


Disaster is described as an incident whose timing is unexpected and unforeseen, which comes with destructive consequences that affects people’s normal lifestyles, jobs, health, lives, assets and facilities. (University of Missouri, 2019). Covid-19 is seen as a disaster due to its infectious and deadly nature. The deadly disease, COVID-19, made its way into Finland on 29th of January 2020 through a 32-years old Chinese woman who visited from Wuhan, China (Finnish institute for health and welfare, 2020).

This academic assignment focuses on explaining and describing nurses’ experiences while working in a vulnerable area during a disaster. And covid-19 is the disaster in this academic context. Working in a vulnerable area means working with individuals who are unable to resist, cope, or recover from the effects of disasters (World Health Organization, 2002).

Language : English Keywords: Disaster, Covid-19, Nursing, Nurses, Pandemic


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